These are some of my writing pieces through the year

I hope you enjoy and your imagination fly...

It was August 21, 1999 the sun was sunning and the sky was clear on the African safari that Josh and I were going to take pictures of the beautiful wildlife.
“I'm so excited today for our trip to the safari !” River exclaimed
“Me too, I can't wait to get some beautiful pictures of the African wildlife !” Josh exclaimed
“We have to leave at 9:15 so we better get going.” River said

We got to the safari ride just in time to get on the vehicle and drive off, but then something happened, our car broke down and they had to get gas from one of the villages. So Josh and I hopped out of the car and walked around in an area where the tour guides could still see us taking pictures. As we were walking we didn't notice that a lioness was approaching us as we were taking pictures. The gecko we saw over by the river sitting on a rock was the one we tried so hard to get at a good angle on. The lioness crouched down until she knew she was invisible from where we were standing, then out of the blue the lioness pounced towards me and tried to attack. I screamed so loud that a lioness only a few feet away heard me and ran towards the lion to attack, the lioness had been around people before so she was OK being around us. we then after a few minutes name the two lions, the one who saved us we called her Kya and the one who tried to attack us we name her Lela.
“Thank you for saving us.” River said calmly
“Yes thank you .” Josh said respectfully

The lioness didn't say anything but she just bowed her head to say “you're welcome”, she did not leave us and I was happy she didn’t because the lioness Lela came back and tried again for her meal. She crouched, got ready to pounce and then BAM! Out of nowhere she jumps and soured through the air like an eagle, but Kya was ready and she met the lioness in the air and threw her to the ground. Kya marked her territory around us to show her loyalty then Lela and Kya went it a circle twice. Then Kya got tired of waiting, she got agitated as Lela got closer into the circle Kya roared as loud as she ever roared before, the lioness got scared and ran of into the bush. As soon as the lioness laid down Josh and I said goodbye and left in the car that had now had gas. As we were on our way back the tour guide told us about the lions and that the one that tried to attack was new and only trying to get easy prey.
“That was awesome did you see who she respected us!” River exclaimed
“I did and we got wonderful pictures two!” Josh exclaimed

That was the day that Josh and I had a wonderful story and pictures to show to our family and friends, and a memory that we never ever forgot for our entire life.

There is a specific time I like to practice lacrosse, and that is at night between seven and eight o'clock. The reason that my team practices at night is because it is a better time to practice, a perfect time for the coaches, and it is when all the girls are off of school and focus on lacrosse then on school work.

One reason is because it is a better time to practice. Where we practice is at Lanco Fieldhouse between seven and eight o’clock at night . It is better to do it at night because there is not many people at lanco so we can focus more on lacrosse that on the coaches screaming and yelling at their team to spread out or to get open.

My second reason is that it is a better time for our coaches. On the buckskins girls lacrosse team we only have two coaches and they probably have a job they need to go to in the morning, so they scheduled the practice time for seven to eight o’clock so that it is a better time for them to teach us around that time.

My last reason is that it is a better time for the girls who play the game and are more focused on the game then their homework. The girls on the lacrosse team have to be focused more on the game then being focused on their school work so if a girl is open and they are asking for the ball and you are not focus then you are just going to miss the open girl.

The night time practice is a better time to practice, it is a better time for the coaches, and it is a better time for the girls so that they are focused more on lacrosse then their homework they need to do when they get home from school. That is why I believe it is a better time to practice at night.